Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Waiting Game

The year is almost over - and it has, in the main, passed by in a flurry of activity.

Not that this should necessarily come as a surprise. After all, there's the toddler. The day job. The housework (oh the glamour - at least lovely husband does the washing). Then there's football (not as often as I'd like these days). 'Proper' cooking (whenever I get a chance to buy the ingredients). Friends. Family. Even the gym (which, yes, I note with as much incredulity as anyone else who has ever met me). And on top of all that every spare minute between January and June has been spent actually writing the book.

Since the summer there's been the hustle and bustle of editing, proofing, press stuff... And now, suddenly, the calm before the storm. The book's all done and at the printers. Everything that needs to be organised has been organised. Everything that can be done at this stage has been done.

Out in the 'real' world, with Christmas less than a fortnight away, the festive season has taken over, the wind down to the New Year already underway.

In the world of this new (ish) mum, now aged a little more than 43 1/4, it's a time to finally relax and enjoy hanging out with the girl before the whirlwind of the first few months of 2011.

But it's also a time to wait. The production schedule runs right up to the festive break so it's touch and go as to whether I'll get to see the book in all its printed glory by the end of next week.

Will the very first copies of Secret Diary make it into my hands before Christmas? Alas I can't answer that right now - but I can certainly hope. So keep your fingers crossed - and I promise to keep you posted.