Sunday, 23 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Towards the latter point of my television career I found myself overseeing a veterinary series for Animal Planet.

Short of a location for one particular shoot I volunteered my own home. And so it came to pass that there was an anorexic boa constrictor (yes, really) on my dining room table and a vet, a zoo keeper and a film crew in my kitchen.

As we were about to start filming the vet realised that he had forgotten to bring along the lubrication needed to complete the examination. I volunteered to pop out to the chemist on the corner - and armed with instructions of what to buy, sallied happily forth.

"May I have some KY jelly?" I asked the pharmacist, before adding (without thinking - but in a bid to make polite conversation, as you do) "I'm in a bit of a rush. I have an enormous snake waiting for me back home..."

Postscript: I am pleased to report that there is an abundance of other chemist shops in the area and thus I have never had to return.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Silent Sunday (16th October)

One picture, no words, summing up my week.

Friday, 14 October 2011

When I Was Young

When I was young it was quite a long time ago – longer than I care to admit (though I kind of blew my ability to gloss over any mention of age by outing myself rather publicly on the cover of "Secret Diary". In retrospect a major blunder.)

It being a bygone era, where fresh air was all the rage, I spent much of my babyhood in the back garden in a pram so large it could be seen from outer space.

Robust, yes (40 odd years later it’s still in use for the next generation). Practical – not so much. Certainly no question of popping it in the boot of the car - indeed it was substantially bigger than the vehicle* in its entirety.

*(a Hillman Imp in case you were wondering)

But no matter. I was content in my leafy paradise, tethered to the drainpipe (the pram – not me) with only a rabbit for company. A rabbit without much in the way of ears it seems. But I loved him still.

If we did fancy going further afield then we turned to the very latest model in mobile babydom. Not so much a pushchair, more a carrycot shoved on the back seat (seatbelts? Don’t be daft. This was the swinging 60s) and wheels strapped firmly (ish) to the roof rack.

Rather jaunty don’t you think? Albeit hardly Bugaboo…

When I was young bedtime meant a cot not so very different from the one we bought our daughter four decades down the line. Drop sided too. We were ever so fancy.

But what of leisure time for our chubby er, charming moppet? Well they say the camera never lies – and if that is indeed the case may I present you with the must-have play thing of 1966…? The empty Liquorice Allsorts box topped off with the very latest in newspaper hats. (And this was considered flash: don't forget, it was grim oop North)

They seem so long ago now, those days when there were only 3 channels on the (black and white) telly and it was ‘Watch With Mother’ or nothing. Those days when even the little kids could be out on their bikes all day long, sarnies and Spangles for sustenance. Those days when my friend Anna and I would walk a little too close to the side of the road in the hope that Starsky and Hutch would speed by, knock us down* and be so overcome with remorse that they would adopt us.

*We clearly hadn't thought through either the pain factor (mangled limbs, months in traction etc etc) or the probability factor: chances of two Hollywood stars breaking the speed limit on a suburban Manchester side street possibly weren't as great as we believed. Still, hindsight is a wonderful thing. And even thirty years later, I still greatly treasure this board game, a favourite amongst my childhood toys (along with Mousetrap, Operation and the obligatory Knitting Nancy).

The funny thing is that while technology has got more, well, technological and fancy goods ever fancier, there are many things that haven’t changed at all. My daughter loves collecting snails and splashing in muddy puddles just as much as I ever did. I liked messing about with paint. She likes messing about with paint. Baking (and licking out the bowl) hold as much appeal today as they did all those decades ago.

And should any further proof be needed take a look (behind me) at what I got for my first birthday...

...and just look at what she got for hers

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Curly Girlie Review Spot (No 2)

Happy Birthday Postman Pat

Note from mum

Hot on the heels of review spot no 1 comes, somewhat predictably, review spot no 2 - this time celebrating the 30th birthday celebration DVD of our favourite Royal Mail employee and his feline friend.

The girl's verdict

"I like it a lot. It's very good. I like the cat. I would like a cat. My grandma has a cat called Sam *glares at Daddy who is allergic to cats*

My favourite is Postman Pat's Great Big Party (Ed: because?)... because it's a great big party *withering look*.

I like the pirate treasure too because I am a vey good pirate. I have an eye patch. *Shouts* Shiver me timbers (*and does scary things with a cutlass*)

Editor's Summary

With eight adventures and a free party cd this was a big hit with small girl and with over three hours of material one that will entertain for ages.

It also inspired the following art work. The first by Daddy (all his own work)

and the second by the girl herself - all by herself

I have no idea what happened to the black and white cat but I should probably blame the bloke with the Clarityn in the kitchen.

Sunday, 2 October 2011